Drug dogs Dogs trained by Enchantment K9 are taught to detect numerous drugs. Narcotics and illicit drugs utilized in detection training of our drug dogs include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines and derivatives thereof Our dogs are trained to only detect the scent of the drugs; they never come into contact with the actual drugs Positive reward-based training is used to develop confidence in unfamiliar surroundings Our dogs are trained in realistic situations: Buildings – Structures of various sizes and complexity Vehicles – Different types of vehicles from small cars to large trucks Luggage – Luggage and lockers
Bomb dogs At Enchantment K9 we train our dogs to find explosives in realistic situations and we use real explosive materials in training This means our dogs are well prepared for work in explosive detection We teach our dogs to detect unique scents of various explosives Our fully trained bomb dogs are able to detect at least 15 different combinations of explosives An Enchantment K9 bomb dog is able to work in any situation
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Enchantment K9 selects and trains versatile dogs that can adapt to any type of situation